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When it comes to having a lawn that is green and healthy all summer long, there is no process to achieve this quite like hydroseeding. When most people think of hydroseeding they picture interstates or commercial buildings, but Heritage Irrigation & Landscape has brought hydroseed to residential lawns.

Learn more about Hydroseed

Hydroseed is a mixture of seed, mulch and water in a slurry mixture that is then sprayed on your lawn. Once on your lawn, the mixture looks like a green foam. The seeds are held in the mixture giving them time to grow and take root. Because the seeds are held by the mixture, they also remain moist. Additionally, the mulch helps offset any impact that a heavy rainfall might have.

Hydroseeding has been around since the early 1950’s and has become a popular option due to its ability to help the stop of soil erosion.

Unlike turf lawns, hydroseed will not have seams or patchy areas. Instead, it provides complete coverage with the outcome being a lush and full lawn.

Under normal conditions, it takes a hydroseed lawn seven to ten days to begin to grow. Within four to six weeks, you should see a lawn that is well established.

Finally, seeding a new lawn can be an expensive undertaking, especially with turf lawns. One advantage of home hydroseeding is that it will cost about half of the other lawn seeding options out there and provide you a better-looking yard.

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For over twenty years, we here at Heritage Irrigation & Landscape have been bringing the people of Michigan cutting edge options and designs to provide them with the landscaping and lawns they have already dreamed of. It’s our wish to do the same for you, so give us a call today.

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