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Walkways, especially brick walkways add a sense of elegance and even mystery to your home. They can guide your family and guests through gardens, to a brick patio, or to a special seating area hidden away on your property. From the complex to the simple, Heritage Irrigation & Landscape can help you plan your very own brick walkway installation.

Learn More about Brick Walkway Installation

When it comes to brick walkways, you have many options to select from. Patterns can be quite simple or very complex. Either way, by using brick to create your walkway, you know it will be long lasting and be able to stand up to the elements that come with living in Michigan.

Before you begin your brick walkway installation, you will want to determine if you’d like your walkway to blend it with its surroundings and look almost as if it was always there and part of the environment or if, instead, you want it to stand out and make a statement. There are several patterns to choose from such as a running bond pattern that has fewer continuous lines and tends to blend in more with the surroundings to a herringbone pattern that has more broken lines which tend to draw the eye to it more naturally and makes it stand out.

Some of the patterns we can use for your brick walkway installation include:

  Naturalized Brick Paths

  Brick Herringbone Pattern

  Brick Running Pattern

In addition, we also offer brick edging for patios and walkways made from other materials.

Connect with Heritage Irrigation & Landscape Brick Walkway Installation

Our team can help you decide on which brick pattern and color is right for your home. We have many to select from as well as our design catalog to help you find the perfect pattern for you. Give us a call today to learn more.

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