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Residential Retaining Walls

If your property is flat, the idea that you need a retaining wall may not be your first thought, but you might want to think again. Retaining walls come in all shapes and sizes and have benefits for many different types of properties. At Heritage Irrigation & Landscape, we can help you determine if a retaining wall is right for you.

Decide if You Need Retaining Walls on Your Property

Put simply, a retaining wall is used to keep soil in its place. This soil can originate from your flowerbeds or landscape that is on a slope. Regardless of where the soil is, your goal is to keep it from moving somewhere else.

Even if your property is flat, a retaining wall around your landscaping will keep the soil from being washed away during a heavy rain. In addition, the wall will help keep the soil moist which means you can water less often saving you money, and helping the environment all at the same time.

For sloped or varied property, the type and height of the retaining walls will depend on your specific situation. The most common retaining walls are gravity retaining walls. The weight of the material used to create them is used to hold up under the pressure of the soil they are holding in.

Regardless of the type of retaining wall you need, it will help define your landscaping and outdoor living areas, create wonderful curb appeal, and help keep your plants and flowers safe all at the same time.

Let Heritage Irrigation & Landscape Help with Your Next Retaining Walls

With over twenty years of experience in the landscaping and irrigation industry, we can help you transform your outdoor spaces with the right retaining walls that will protect your landscaping and add a sense of style to your property. Give us a call today to learn more.

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